Alpha Jet ~ Revell 1/144

Revell 1/144 Alpha Jet kit box

Revell Alpha Jet “Patrouille de France” plastic model kit 1/144: The Alpha Jet is a two-seater, twin engine light jet with swept wings. It was conceived in a joint venture between the German firm of Dornier and the French company Dassault, in order to replace the Fouga Magister and the Fiat G.91. It was developed as an advanced trainer and tactical support aircraft. It can be equipped with a 27mm or 30mm cannon under the fuselage and light armaments under wings. It was produced in two versions, the Alpha Jet A for Germany and the Alpha Jet E for France. It made its first flight on 26th November 1973 and entered service with the respective armed forces in 1978. It was soon exported to other countries, in particular Belgium, Egypt, and Morocco. Later it was also acquired by Togo, Nigeria, Portugal, The Ivory Coast, Qatar and the Cameroon. Today some Alpha Jet’s even fly on the civilian register. Because of its performance a Naval version was developed and in 1980 entered in a project to equip the US NAVY with a new Carrier Trainer for catapult launches and deck-landings. Only a single prototype was built and the project was awarded in favour of the Bae Hawk. Renowned nevertheless for its maneuverability, safety and performance in the domain of acrobatics, the French Aerobatic Display Team “Patrouille de France” changed its Fouga Magisters for the Alpha Jet in 1981. The “Patrouille de France” consists of ten Alpha Jets named “Athos 0 to 9” but uses only eight for its displays, the other two are held as spares. Between May and October the Team appears almost every weekend at Air-shows across Europe and the rest of the World, to offer an enthralling show to the public. The display lasts approximately twenty minutes, and is comprised of acrobatic manoeuvres and close formation flying, all on a background of blue, white and red smoke.

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