Bedford Mk “4 Tonner” Tactical Aircraft Refueller ~ JB Models 1/76


Bedford Mk “4 Tonner” Tactical Aircraft Refueller JB Models injection molded model kit 1/76:

Kit supplied history:

Bedford Mk series, generally known as the “4 tonner” was introduced in the early 70’s to replace the Bedford RL series. While the MK series was to provide a general purpose load carrier for the British Army it was also to be the basis for a number of specialist vehicles for military use, the Tactical Aircraft Refueller being one.

Developed for the refueling and defueling of helicopters and V.T.O.L. aircraft under operational conditions, these vehicles came into use with the Army Air Corps and the R.A.F. in the late 70’s.

The refueller were produced by Taymech Aviation Equipment and consisted of fitting a aluminium equipment compartment behind the cab and a 4500 Ltr. (1000gls) light alloy tank to the rear of a standard Bedford MK chassis.

The forward equipment compartment contained a single stage self-priming centrifugal pump driven by the P.T.O. on the vehicle gear box, and all the pumping and metering equipment, control valves and hose reels, et. Two 22 metre (72ft) x 1.25in. bore and a 18 metre (60ft)x2.5in. bore hose reals are carried.

Modifications to the original chassis involved moving the spare wheel and repositioning the exhaust. A fire screen was fitted behind the cab.

The MK series was originally fitted with a Bedford 330-93 6-cylinder multi-fuel engine but from 1981, a more powerful diesel engine has been fitted and the resulting vehicles are known as the MJ series.


Height:      2.59m

Length:      6.59m

Width:       2.44m

Wheel base:       3.962m

Weight:  5,625kg (unladen)   Weight:  9,253kg (laden)

Max. Speed:       73km/hour (on roads)

Range:     560km (on roads)

Single image showing four sides of the kits cab.

Four views of the clear molded cab.


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