Percival Proctor IV Trainer ~ Frog / NOVO 1/72


Percival Proctor 4 Trainer Frog / NOVO injection molded model kit 1/72:

Kit supplied history:

The Proctor was a military version of the pre-war Vega Gull. Some 250 Mk.I planes were used by the R.A.F. as communications aircraft. Mks.II and III were equipped as wireless-operator trainers as was the MK.IV which differed in having a larger cabin and longer fuselage. Complete wireless equipment was installed and the direction finding (D.F.) loop in the fairing above the cabin was used for flying on a radio beam. The Proctor IV was also used as a four-seat light communications machine.


Engine:                 210 h.p. De Havilland Gipsy Queen II

Max Speed:         160 m.p.h. at sea level.

Service ceiling:   14,000 ft.

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