Horten Ho.229 A-1 (Ho-IX) Build:

PM Models PM-210 – Horten Ho.229 A-1 (Ho-IX) kit details

An interesting subject, the Horten Ho.229 was a German fighter developed during World War II, but was too late to be introduced into service.

PM Models are usually cheap to purchase, but invariably basic, and the Horten Ho.229 is no exception.  The kit included only a seat for the cockpit floor, single piece upper and lower wing halves, undercarriage and engine intake and exhaust blanks.

Having said that, a small amount of extra effort can result in a respectable representation of the 229.


The upper and lower halves of the wing are molded as single pieces, the fit is good making only light sanding required along the join leading and trailing wing edges.

After adding the pilot seat, the cockpit area was painted black. The two halves of the wing were joined with glue once the engine intake and exhaust blanks were in place. Make sure the wings are aligned before things set permanently. One dry, thin the surfaces of the engine intake as these look far to thick for the leading edge of a jet engine intake.


The upper surface was hand painted with a black/green, and the under surface of the wing was painted with a light gray.

Once the paint was dry, the whole model was sprayed with a gloss varnish to provide a smooth surface for the decals.

The decals supplied with the kit are not really usable, so crosses were sourced from other kits, and swastikas from a custom decal sheet.

After applying decals, a couple of layers of Testors Dullcote were applied to seal in the decals.



Recommended if you want a fast build simple 229 build in  1/72 scale. If you’re looking for detail, go for the Revell 229 kit.





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