Testors SR-75 & XR-7 build


Testors 1:72 Scale SR-75 Penetrator Build

SR75_Photo XR7_Photo


Aurora, a little background

In the mid-1980’s, rumors abounded of strange high speed aircraft traveling at hypersonic speeds.  Despite the lack of hard evidence, eye witness accounts claimed to have seen odd contrails and heard sonic booms.

Speculation at the time was the USA was developing a MACH 5+ replacement for it’s aging SR-71 “Blackbird” MACH 3+ reconnaissance aircraft, using “black” project money (secretly funded).

Aurora was the name given to the aircraft,  believed to be triangular in shape.  Testors released a “best guess” model of an XR-7 Thunder Dart.  The SR-75 is another made up aircraft, presumably required to conserver the Thunder Dart’s fuel, by piggybacking it aloft to altitude.





Even in 1/72 scale this makes up into a large aircraft.  One of the issues  aircraft fly up against, the faster they travel, is heat, and perhaps the large size reflects the cooling equipment anticipated.  The large size could also be the depiction of this aircraft carrying aloft the equally speculative XR-7.








SR75cockpit SR75cockpit2



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