Typhoon Mk Ib ~ Marquette 1/72


Typhoon Mk Ib Marquette injection plastic model kit 1/72:

Kit supplied history (Note: translated/interpreted to English with the help of Google Translate):

The prototype aircraft developed based on assumptions F18 / 37 as a fighter plane to tasks assault with a motor Vulture called TORNADO and first flew in October 1939 and the second with the engine Sabre named TYPHOON, first flew in February 1940.

Typhoon had better performance characteristics than the Hurricane, but because of the hostilities production was switched to the Hurricane. At the end of the Battle of Britain Hawker returned to work on the type, and in May 1941 flew the version armed with 20mm machine guns, and this was designated as Typhoon Mk. 1b. The first copies transferred to 56 Squadron in September 1941.

The plane was fast and could be dangerous, especially in during landings. When used as an attack aircraft the types pilots learned about its advantages.

3330 copies were produced.


Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b was a single seat fighter-assault. Low-wing of the monocoque structure, metal chassis classic draws on the fly.

Drive: 1 inline engine 24-cylinder Napier Sabre 2 A power of 2180 hp. Three-bladed propeller metal.


4 plot Hispano-Suiza Kal.20mm, 3 bombs after 454 kg or 8 unguided 27.2 kg rockets under each of the wings.


Wingspan:                        12.67m

Length:                             9.73m

Height:                             4.64m


Total weight in flight:   5171 kg

Empty weight:                4445 kg


Top speed:                652 km / h

Release area:           982 km

Maximum range:  1610 km

Endurance:             3.9 h






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